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Unique Air Duct Cleaning has been providing high quality air duct cleaning services to the Melvindale, MI community for over 20 years. Family owned and operated, our state-of-the-art high pressure air whip cleaning system dislodges all dust and debris from your air duct system. Our air whip system puts us a step above the competition.
The Viper Whip cleaning system is one of the most advanced tools available to air duct cleaning. It has two functions: to dislodge any contaminants and dust within your system and air wash these materials out of the home. Because of this combination, our professional technicians are able to clean vents more efficiently. Unlike most rotary brushes, it is flexible in design and can reach all contaminants in any air duct angles or elbows. Able to clean in one pass, the Viper Whip's 360-degree rotation dislodges any dirt, dust, pollen, and allergens from your system.
These contaminants are forced from your vents to your trunk line, which acts as the main line of your duct work. Attached to your trunk line is a large, high powered vacuum that runs at 20 horsepower to remove all dirt and debris from your home. The vacuum remains on the outside of the home along with the collection bag to ensure that there is no re-contamination of the system.

NO per vent charges and all vents are cleaned and reinstalled on every Unique air duct cleaning job.

All vents are cleaned and reinstalled on every Unique air duct cleaning job.
All vents are cleaned and reinstalled on every Unique air duct cleaning job.

Unique's Viper Whip Method:

  • The most advanced air cleaning system available!
  • Works in round or square ducts.
  • Able to clean in one pass.
  • Cleans vertical and horizontal ducts at the same time.
  • All dirt forced into the trunk line is removed through high power vacuum.
  • Every service that includes the Viper Whip is followed by a detailed video inspection to ensure that your home has received the best cleaning.
All vents are cleaned and reinstalled on every Unique air duct cleaning job.
All vents are cleaned and reinstalled on every Unique air duct cleaning job.

Unique Air Duct Cleaning's Services Include:

  • Air Duct Services | Dryer Vent Cleaning- Air duct cleaning, HVAC cleaning, furnace cleaning, and more
  • Carpet Cleaning- Hot water extraction, carpet steam cleaning, shampoo, foams, and more
  • We have special equipment to service high-rise buildings, for both carpet and duct cleaning

Unique Air Duct Cleaning has the finest air duct and HVAC system cleaning professionals in the business. Our fully trained environmental technicians are equipped with the right tools and techniques to do the kind of thorough cleaning job that ensures an improved, more productive and clean air environment.

Contact Unique Air Duct Cleaning today at 734-334-0604 to schedule an appointment for a free air duct cleaning estimate for your Melvindale, MI home or business. Bundle pricing is available when combining more than one of our services.

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I recently had my ducts cleaned by Unique. The two gentleman showed up on time and were very professional. They explained the process they were going to use and I do believe it's already made a difference. They worked non-stop until the job was done and provided photos for proof. Excellent job from both these guys. If you need carpets cleaned or duct work, I would HIGHLY recommend this company.


Today I had this great company come and clean my air ducts. I like that they called before they came so we knew when they would show up at the house. I was very happy with the way they took extra care to make sure my carpet (which is new) didn't get dirty by laying down tarps on the floor plus taking their shoes off. Specially since it was raining out. They also showed my fiancee everything that was coming out of the ducts. They were very considerate of the fact that we had a cat that was scared of the noise. And even though we weren't schedule to get our dryer vent cleaned, we asked them and they also did that for us too. I would recommend them to all my family and friends.


Very great service. Professional, friendly and clean. Everything was explained in detail. I felt very comfortable during the entire process. The workers put tarps down were they were going to be walking through and even took their shoes off upon entering and exiting my house. Would recommend to anybody i know thinking about getting their ducts cleaned.